Troop Information

The troops at this time are identified by letters and numbers which represent the Villages, Neighborhood and Troop within the Neighborhood: A107, A316, B136, C123, C247, D102, D336 were the 2013 troops that went from Central Florida Council. Jamboree Troops consist of 36 youth and 4 adults. The adults are a Scoutmaster, 1st Assistant, 2nd Assistant and 3rd Assistant. The 3rd Assistant will be between the age of 18 and not yet 21.

The 36 youth are split into 4 patrols of 8 with 4 scouts serving as Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Scribe and Quartermaster. The 4 patrols will elect their Patrol Leader and assign others the various roles within a patrol. One or more scouts may volunteer to serve the troop roles of: Chaplins Aide, Historian, Home-town Correspondent.

There will be two Jamboree Shakedowns where all troops and crews in the contingent will participate (mandatory) in the shakedowns as prepartion for attending the Jamboree. These shakedowns are critical for training our troops/crews for the teamwork they'll need and expose them to as much of their actual Jamboree experience that can be simulated prior to arriving at the Jamboree.

It's imperative to understand that each scout/venturer is required to make the Jamboree a priority over their troop/crew activities.

As a troop/crew we meet 12 times and have 2 campouts. Our time together is limited as compared to your home troop/crew; hence the reason for the Jamboree being a priority over the troop/crew.

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