Registering for the National Jamboree

Let’s get started on your path to the 2017 National Jamboree

Download the Central Florida Councils Jamboree Registation Packet (Download size is 3.5 mb, it may take several minutes).
     o This packet contains step by step instructions w/screen shots to enable you to navigate the national registration process.
     o Once registration with national is completed successfully, you will forward any forms printed during the application process along with your $100 deposit to Traci Shephard at the council office.
     o Once we've received notice from National, a copy of your printed form from the registration process and your deposit, your spot in the contingent will be confirmed.

Traci Shepherd at the council office will be your primary contact for any registration questions you may have. Her e-mail address is and she can be contacted via the main number (407-889-4403) at council or if you have an item to fax to her it can be done via 407-889-4406.

All registrations are on a "first-come, first-serve" basis, there are 144 spots for scouts and 16 spots (2 crews of 8) for Venturers. Your attention to the application process should not wait as it’s expected they will fill fast. All applications will be accepted and should the number of applicants exceed the number of spots a waiting list will be maintained. Should the sign-ups/recruiting show that more troops or venturing patrols are needed, the Jamboree Team will apply to get more.

2017 National Jamboree Youth Registration Requirements

• Boy Scout Youth
     o A Scout must be 12 years of age by the first day of the Jamboree or an 11 year old that has completed the sixth grade.
     o He must attain the rank of First Class by July 1, 2017; have a completed the “National Jamboree” physical (issued to each participant by the national office of the B.S.A.).
     o He must participate in the pre-Jamboree trainings.
     o He must be active in his troop for 6 months prior to July 1, 2017.
     o His Scoutmaster and the Central Florida Council Jamboree Committee must approve him.
     o His 18th birthday may not be before July 28, 2017.
     o Note: Current Webelo Scouts can apply as they could meet the age requirements, depending on their birth date.

• Venturing Youth (Co-ed is supported)
     o Crew members must have a current BSA membership with a Venturing Crew.
     o Must have graduated the 8th grade or be at least 14 years of age by the first day of the Jamboree, but have not reached their 21st birthday by the last day of the Jamboree.
     o Have a completed the “National Jamboree” physical (issued to each participant by the national office of the B.S.A.).
     o He/she must participate in the pre-Jamboree trainings.
     o His/her Crew Advisor and the Central Florida Council Jamboree Committee must approve him/her.

2017 National Jamboree Payment Fees

• National Fees:
     o Via the national website you will see a fee of $975 for the event.
     o This fee covers the activities at the event, food while onsite, insurance, etc
     o All fees will be collected through Central Florida Council and paid to National on a set schedule
• Central Florida Council Fees:
     o CFC fees will be $925 bringing the total cost for the event to $1900
     o CFC fees includes: transportation to/from, side-trip excursion, hotel stay, meals to/from, shirts, hats, multiple shakedown weekends, multiple sets of patches, etc

• Total Jamboree Fees: $1,900
2017 National Jamboree Payment Plan

• Payments:
     o $100 deposit to complete the registration process and secure your spot in the contingent.
     o Additional $300 Due by December 1, 2015
     o Additional $300 Due by April 1, 2016
     o Additional $400 Due by August 1, 2016
     o Additional $400 Due by January 1, 2017
     o Final $400 Due by April 1, 2017

Each participant must adhere to these milestone payments as Central Florida Council will be making scheduled payments
to National and making deposits on transportation, excursions, hotels and purchasing spirit items (hat, shirts, patches, etc)

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