Crew Information

At this time, Central Florida Council is going for 2 eight person Crews with two adults.

Note: If our venturing registrations exceed our allocated 16 youth, we will seek additional crews with National. Until we are allocated additional crews a waiting list will be maintained.

Jamboree Crews consist of 8 youth and 2 adults. The adults are a Crew Advisor and Associate Crew Advisor.

The 8 youth are patrol of 8 with 2 advisors.
It's imperative to understand that each scout/venturer is required to make the Jamboree a priority over their troop/crew activities.

As a troop/crew we meet 12 times and have 2 campouts. Our time together is limited as compared to your home troop/crew; hence the reason for the Jamboree being a priority over the troop/crew.

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